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Hostesses are the versatile pillars of any event, often serving as the face of booths, stands, or stations. Within the bustling environment of trade shows, exhibitions, or fairs, they play a crucial role in drawing attendees’ attention, engaging them, and ensuring they have a memorable experience. Their responsibilities can range from presenting products, handing out promotional materials, and collecting contact information, to answering queries and liaising with potential clients or partners. Beyond mere presentation, they are trained to uphold the brand’s image, convey key messages, and interact effectively with diverse audiences.


Bartenders are the dynamic heart of event refreshments, providing guests with drinks and ensuring the atmosphere remains lively and inviting. In the context of events, their role extends beyond simply mixing and serving beverages. They are adept at engaging with attendees, understanding their preferences, and recommending concoctions that suit the mood and theme of the occasion. Their responsibilities include setting up the bar area, managing stock levels, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring timely service, all while adhering to responsible serving practices.


Catering Staff

Catering staff are essential for making sure the food aspect of an event runs smoothly. From corporate gatherings to gala dinners, they manage all things food-related. Their duties range from setting up food stations, ensuring dishes are served in a timely manner, managing portion control, to assisting with post-event cleanup. They ensure buffet lines remain orderly and replenished, handle special dietary requests, and ensure that trays of appetizers and other delicacies are circulated effectively. Trained in food safety and hygiene, they prioritize guests’ well-being, ensuring that every bite is served with the utmost care.


Models bring an aura of elegance and sophistication to events, serving as brand ambassadors, product presenters, or simply as a representation of the aesthetic or theme of the occasion. In the context of events, their role is not just about showcasing products or attire but also about engaging with attendees, communicating brand messages, and enhancing the overall ambiance. Whether they’re highlighting the features of a new product launch, gracing the ramp in a fashion show, or posing for photo opportunities with attendees, models have the ability to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.



Promoters are the dynamic force behind generating buzz and engagement at events. Their primary role revolves around championing a product, service, or brand message, ensuring it reaches and resonates with the target audience. Equipped with knowledge and enthusiasm, promoters actively engage with attendees, providing them with key information, answering queries, and often demonstrating product features or benefits. Their responsibilities might also encompass handing out promotional materials, collecting contact information for follow-up, and garnering feedback. A successful promoter not only possesses a deep understanding of what they’re promoting but also the ability to connect on a personal level, fostering genuine interest and excitement.

General Assistants

General Assistants are the versatile all-rounders of the event world, stepping in wherever specialized roles might not fit. Tailored to adapt, they are equipped to handle a myriad of tasks that might not be covered by the typical event roles. Their flexibility makes them invaluable; whether it’s assisting with setup, managing miscellaneous tasks, coordinating between different teams, or any other unique requirement, they’re ready to jump in. Clients can specifically request a General Assistant when they have particular needs that don’t neatly align with predefined roles, ensuring that every aspect of an event is covered. Trained to be resourceful and quick on their feet, General Assistants act as the adhesive that keeps events running smoothly, filling in gaps and ensuring nothing is overlooked.